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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Howdy Hoo!

Never park your car - or walk - under a lamp post with a seagull perched on it. Without going into graphic detail, I've just spent the best part of a day cleaning a fortnight's worth of seagull poo off my lovely Mini Cooper. (First time I've really cleaned the first car I've ever owned. My precious Mini, which I lurrrve to drive! I've never owned my own car. Part owned, yes, with His Greatness (Husband), but never my own. And this is indeed something I relish since my brain cure).

Anyway, I digress. Seagulls and seaside. Returned on Friday from our first two week holiday in donkeys years. The west country. Minehead in Zoomerrzet (sorry – Somerset) and Looe Harbour in Cornwall, to be precise. We've had many hols in Looe, and love it. And the weather was continuously glorious. Love the west country. Naturally I took umpteen zillion photos:

The whole place grabbed my imagination.

Up the stairs...

Our landing...

(Eh, well. Trying to get to grips with Blogger. If it looks bonkers - it is! But it gives me the flexibility to add more photos and for my lovely fan 😄 to respond.) Anyway...Onwards!

The sitting room.

View from our balcony of the bay and, in the distance, the white tent-like building, is Butlins!

The bedroom. Not all original features, we think, but some of it may have been. The rooms had been reconfigured, we could tell.


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This was the opposite end of Minehead, away from the town itself. A lovely, quaint harbour. Our house is in there, somewhere!

A vast expanse of sand when the tide's out.

It would appear that I've run out of capability to upload any more photos! Eh, well, live and learn. To be continued...😊

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