Sunday, 28 May 2017


There's an open air concert in Alton yesterday and today, featuring rock and heavy metal bands, and I really enjoyed it! I wasn't there yesterday, I was at home, weeding,  and the sound of it carried on the air. Could hear it indoors as well - the back door was open on the hot day. Not keen at one moment - bit too Sex Pistols
(definitely- just found them on YouTube!) but they'd had some really energetic drumming and guitar while I was being brutal to weeds, and I was starting to head bang. Not good for my brain don't you know. Explains a lot.

Today I'm still hyped! A band were playing in Market Square in Alton this lunchtime just as I was passing through. A rock band were playing and they were absolutely fabulous! I ended up staying and watching them for about an hour. I tried uploading a video onto Facebook but failed dismally. (Well, the quality's pretty rubbish anyway.) Never mind - it was fab-u-lus! I stood close to the stage and my chest was reverberating.

It's just what the doctor ordered - for the likes of me, anyway. It was so exciting! I was really going for it, man. (Except that's passe with a thingy above the 'e'. It was awesome, dude). The fact that I could really enjoy it is saying something. I fully recommend something like this for those who suffer depression, or any mental health illness, cuz it takes it out of you, distracts you, and it's bloody exciting!

I will profess that it ain't everybody's bag, man (there I go again...), but those of us who enjoy all kinds of music - yesterday's and current - go for it!

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