Monday, 24 July 2017


Just to confuse everyone, I go under one or three different names (don't see why I should be the only confused one around...). Jo Bennett is my maiden name (I was married in 1980 so the concept of keeping your name was still pretty novel, and maiden names were still referred to, still are I think!) and that's how I signed onto Facebook.

     My married name is Clutton (Roger De Clutton - pronounced Clooton with a French accent - is on Husband's family tree) and I've signed onto a number of social media sites as such. I would prefer to stick to Bennett but decided that that would be just too complicated!
     Olga turned up a couple of years ago, during a pre-Christmas visit to
Edinburgh, just after the start of my recovery from depression. I wanted a hat. A nice, warm hat. I saw a lot of ladies - and gents - wearing Russian fur hats. That had to be it. We found Olga at the annual Christmas market. There she was. Just had to buy her. And Husband instantly started calling my hat 'Olga'. So it's his fault.

Now, Mrs.Igor began during my recovery from depression. Husband would ever so kindly bring me breakfast in bed (no - that no longer happens, to all those muttering 'Alright for some...'). He would come into the bedroom bearing a tray, adopt his Igor impersonation with a hunchback and limp, and utter: 'Here'th your breakfatht, Mithtreth. Do your minions require a whipping today?' And I'd rethpond - sorry - respond: 'Not today thank you, Igor.  Your hump has changed sides, by the way.'  After a while of this, I'd respond: 'Ello Igor, it's me - Mrs.Igor!' Mrs.Igor is thick as two short planks and speaks in a shrieky tone.
So there you go.

     My main other name, of course, is Kitty Le Roy, my wild west handle. I found her in a Tit Bits magazine years ago (no longer exists) and she was just the wild west character I wanted to emulate at the time. She was armed to the teeth, bristled like a cactus with knives and guns (so Tit Bits said) was a brilliant shot, a gambler, and was killed by husband number 5 in a showdown in Dallas during the 1880s. Further on I discovered she was a jig dancer (I can't dance for toffee) and she dressed like a gypsy. Well, that fitted with my hippy desires, I suppose, but years later I'd found other wild west women, frontier females, buckskinned birds I wanted to emulate, and wanted to change my handle to.

     But by then Kitty Le Roy had stuck within the wild west fraternity I knew. Besides, Kitty was my paternal grandmother's name - Catherine - which was another reason I chose it in the first place. The other wild west ladies were Captain Ellen Jack, a blonde eccentric British shootist, prospector, mine and cafe owner in Colorado during the 1890s/1900s, and the other was Sally Skull/Scull, who was born during the 1840s in Texas and became a horse trader and rancher, wore men's clothes, was a brilliant shot, was fearless, and everyone was terrified of her! She is pretty close to my novel's protagonist (Alias Jeannie Delaney).

     So there we are - all those handles, akas, aliases, etcetera. You're confused?  And all this reminds me I really must update Kitty Le Roy's Wild West site!

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