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Wednesday, 30 August 2017


Just come back from a week's cruise on our narrow boat in Warwickshire with our eleven-year-old twin granddaughters. Good in many respects, but the girls are growing up and not as keen as they used to be when younger. They preferred our beach week in Aberdovey, Wales, which was delightful. 
An Evening on the Canal

    Really will have to up my data quotas on my phone while on the boat, cuz I find it very limiting while cruising and being away from my beloved WiFi *sniff*! (I love my blog life!). 

    Talking of which - I've just acquired a new phone cuz my old one died. A gorgeous mint green Android. Husband calls my phones 'does stuff' cuz they do and that's what I said when I first acquired my old one. 

    Anyway - back to now. Life is a bit bonkers. I'm endeavouring (hadeha!) to organise my files etcetera on tablet and new phone. 🤣 I'm slowly going through the chapters of my novel Alias Jeannie Delaney and Husband is critiquing them. Brilliantly, I have to say.
We're do-it-yourselfing as well. Working our way through the utility room. Gosh, it's beginning to look good, even now. Thirty years of neglect and we're DIY-ing and painting walls and de-cobwebbing and hoovering and I'm actually rather enjoying it.  

     And we're exercising. We're both fit-ish but want to be fitt-er. So we're walking, briskly, a lot. To coffee and cake shops. Seriously we're doing well, and I'm not putting on weight except when on holiday and I guzzle those double raspberry Magnums. Just a couple of pounds (weight) worth. 

     We're planning trips: Scarborough - my mum was a wren there, during the war. I always wanted to see the hotel where the wrens were housed and had their photograph taken. Tenerife in November. Looe in Cornwall for Christmas. Madeira in January. Venice in May? Switzerland? All possibilities. 

     Oh, and I met my lovely sculpture tutor friend for coffee and discussed visiting a local sculpture park, and hopefully make plans for an art exhibition next year. And discussed Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire which she recently visited. William Fox Talbot invented photography there and I want to return because I love the history of photography and I visited back in 1984 while on a three year illustration course.

William Fox Talbot image 1844

     Life's tough but someone's got to do it. 😃

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