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Tuesday, 1 August 2017


Well, have just returned from a few days on the narrow boat in Warwickshire. Fact was I had a bit of a melt down the other day, in the middle of cleaning and clearing the dining room in preparation for redecoration. Have completely attacked the downstairs loo and it now looks fab, and Husband is  slowly working his way around the utility room. These were the completely neglected areas when I was ill. 
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                                 Before and After loo. Yay!

     Anyway, point is that after a couple of days at home, no plans, cabin fever attacks me and so do flat feelings. Similar for Himself. Not only that, but felt quite strongly that I'm not getting any younger and I worry that I'm not going to finish my novel any time soon. I don't want to be another Mary Wesley, who published for the first time aged eighty something! Husband was surprised, concerned that it was travel I was worried about. 

    The cure for cabin fever is to leave the house (no kidding!) and either find somewhere to rent in a lovely area for a day or two, or pop up to our narrow boat in Warwickshire. So that's what we did. We had a lovely couple of days, getting out and about, messing about on the boat, doing stuff we enjoy. Antique hunting, pub hunting, what have you... Did the trick!

     Okay. Limited internet while on a metal tub, using our phones for connection, plus I ran out of data. Had also left the cable for my laptop so couldn't work on The Novel. Eh, well...! 😃

     Back home today. Start on dining room which is terrible. White gloss paint on woodwork, vacuum behind furniture that hasn't been touched since whenever. Was rather therapeutic. Get on with The Novel, check umpteen gazillion Gmails, attempt to plan foreign trips...



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