Saturday, 2 September 2017

       SOCIAL MEDIA AND ME  ****

I love it, but I think we know that by now. 😄! Putting myself out there... My creativity, my interests and everything connected with them. And my mental health and what happened three years ago to literally cure me, and my means of communicating globally what did cure me and how. Because I felt, extremely strongly, that others who suffer with depression and anxiety should have the knowledge that I received to cure me. And social media was the means of doing just that! And also, not so selflessly, to put my art and writing 'out there'. And why not?

Obviously there's Facebook:
Kitty Le Roy's Wild West Saloon:
Creating My Odyssey:

(For some reason I can't get this link to work - my apologies).
About Me:

So there we have them. I don't visit them all regularly, but I am making the effort to do so. And there are even more for me to consider! See you out there, I hope...😄

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