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Friday, 22 December 2017


Going to Prague in the winter,
is never a good idea.
You certainly freeze your butt off,
but Olga loves it there! 

Allow me to introduce Olga,
The furry friend on my head.
I bought her at market in Edinburgh,
But we think she's a Czech instead!

I'm so glad I wore Olga in Prague,
she helped keep my top knot happy
But Mulled wine helps a good deal,
both keep my brain going batty!

She saw a good deal of Prague,
We stood on the buzzing Charles Bridge.
One of many crossing the river,
known as Vltava - a wonderful image!

We travelled a lot on the trams,
rattling from point A to point B,
Get on, get off, get lost (we did!),
Many wonders and places to see.

The Castle is hundreds of steps high,
Olga managed, no problem at all.
Starbucks is at the top, you know -
A magnificent view to enthral.

We wandered around the streets up there,
Mostly cobbled, as many roads are,
And beautiful buildings everywhere,
Then back downhill to town - not far.

Charles Bridge is pedestrians only,
Artists and musicians do their thing,
Souvenirs are sold in their hundreds,
Including much jewellery and bling.

You can buy Chimney cake here,
sweet pastry spirals baked over fire.
Filled with yummy jam or cream and fruit.9
So fattening - too many could be dire!

We took Olga to the bridge after dark,
Still buzzing, it all happens at night,Eiffel
So beautiful with the lights all shining
It's worth the walk for such a sight!

Many buildings are Art Nouveau style,
One of my favourite kinds.
There's often artwork on the waĺls,
Almost dressed up to the nines.

Wenceslas Square (which is just a road),
Is famous for Art Nouveau styles,
Lots of curling iron beautiful art,
We stayed and passed a while.

On our last night we climbed a tower,
It's almost a copy of Eiffel,
Olga adored the amazing view,
climbing zillions of steps was a trifle!

Finally on a normal road,
No tourists or some such,
We found a cafe the locals use, 
And ate a super lunch.

We'd reached the end of our trip,
Which really had been great.
Olga had enjoyed it so much,
For her next trip she just can't wait! 

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