Tuesday, 30 January 2018



It's my own fault. Too many projects and so little time!
Well, I would offer my services to everyone and their dog. And I'm the most disorganised bod on this planet – 'Couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery.' as my dear ol' dad would say. Or, the polite version: 'Couldn't organise a rice pudding.'

I thought: 'Help! I've got this, that and t'other to do! On top of everything else. What's a gal to do?' Well, blog about it for a starters.

Here's a glimpse of my 'TO DO' page on Evernote:

Possible interview:
Story Artist respond


Romantic Bohemian Guest blogging
Precipeace My art. Their blog posts
www.CreateWriteNow.com Guest post re journaling journey. 
Sanctus Mental Health 
Interview Happyologist
Polymath Chick collaboration and guest post
Purple Ink CafĂ© - January/February - interview on Zoom 
Post 2 guest posts to Facebook mental health sites and mental health blogs.



Vocal Writing 

...Talking of which, ongoing novel writing, which I'm finding extraordinarily difficult because I've been working on it for so long but I need to finish it and only I can do that. Husband is editing chapters – we're up to chapter 13 now – but I find it impossible to read out to him. Still causes me angsts...Grrr.

and so on..... ...

Not to forget that we're almost totally redecorating the house after thirty years of neglect. Utitlity room's done. Now we're onto the upstairs loo and bathroom. Redoing floor and walls. Me stripping (wallpaper and paint!!!). Painting anything that stands still with white paint. Rebuilding conservatory this year.

My blog. Well, I love my blog and love doing it. No complaints there, but slight concern that I've advertised collaboration and services to number of other blog owners and don't want to keep them waiting!

So, disorganised me is attempting (note the word 'attempting') to be more organised. This is where Evernote comes in. That does actually work.

Unsubscribing from some of the umpteen zillion newsletters that I subscribed to when I was still recovering. Still working on that. 

Getting frustrated that Blogger doesn't always do as it's told! Eh, well...

And preparing to go to Madeira in February. Research.

What a nice note to end on!

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