Sunday, 29 April 2018

#MindOurFuture: Share Your Mental Health Story

#MindOurFuture: Share Your Mental Health Story: We're happy to share with you this great new project by our friends over at BringChange2Mind (BC2M), the national organization co-founded by Glenn Close that works to combat stereotypes around mental health. It's called #MindOurFuture and the goal is to increase awareness around mental health issues by people sharing their personal stories on YouTube. Here's the scoop that BringChange2Mind shared with us. We pass it along with our wholehearted recommendation. Let's create a movement that ends the fear, the shame, and the misunderstanding of mental health issues. The topic can be daunting and the unfamiliar makes many of us uncomfortable. So let's break it down to its simplest form: A conversation — One that changes the narrative of mental illness from one of stigma to one of hope. Millennials and GenZs, let's rise to the occasion and be forever remembered for ending the stigma of mental illness once and for all. Share your story about lending help or reaching out for help during a

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