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Sunday, 1 April 2018


...a bonkers thing to do.
You might fall off, 
you might fall in -
it's better to go to the zoo! 

For those of you who do not know,
Levada is like a canal.
It waters the fields,
the bananas and veg -
it's good to walk with a pal!

You find them in Madeira,
they follow the lay of the land.
They're beside the sea,
or scarily high -
hold onto the railings - both hands! 

They're so terribly narrow,
tunnels sometimes appear.
One or two channels,
watch your two feet -
try not to be too cavalier!

They take you between the palms,
paths run beneath a house.
You'll meet a lizard,
see a goat or two -
but we're yet to see a mouse!

A bus drove us to the start,
steps up and up, so steep,
And there it was,
stretching ahead -
glistening water, not very deep.

Down below the landscape is awesome,
stretching from side to side.
The sea's over yonder,
the land's across -
the path's definitely not very wide! 

These channels are made of concrete,
one canal or perhaps two.
Sometimes paved over,
sometimes not -
watch what your feet will do!

So very surreal these levadas,
but part of life over there,
beside the sea,
and dizzying heights -
such incredibly amazing affairs.

We love these levadas so much,
never encountered before.
Among the palms,
railing's just there -
wonderful to explore.

For me the high ones are scary,
along a mountain side.
Nothing to hold,
vertigo grabs -
my eyes are popping wide.

We had to crawl through a tunnel,
my God, that was scary indeed.
I said: 'Enough!'
I'm not that tough!' -
something I had to concede. 

We will return to Madeira next year,
perhaps I'll be braver next time.
Take that tunnel,
to the other side -
that will be so sublime! 

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