Thursday, 12 April 2018


Hi guys!

I'm gradually working my way through a new design for this blog. I always felt the main title design was a bit so-so, and I've discovered, after so many months - year or  three of running it - how to design it. Taken me long enough! *rolling eyes*. 

I'm working through how to create a menu, because it occurred to me that I haven't got one and most blogs do have. Also, although I have archives, they're not titled, which is pretty daft. I've always felt that was a pain, so I'm now en-route to trying to beautify the blog and fix some fundamental flaws. Including the menu buttons on the right which don't go anywhere!

I'm following instructions from various blogs, some simpler than others. Then I end up with 'gadgets' in odd places that don't do anything (such as the social media buttons which I never quite managed to get to grips with.). I'm slowly getting to grips with Blogger and it's layout and design system (hooray!). If the menu instructions I'm following work, I'll post the link to the blog I took them from.

So bare/bear with me, and watch this space, literally! 😃


  1. Enjoy the process Jo. I have not used blogspot but I am sure that you will create a perfect space for people to visit. Easy navigation is always a plus.. hugsx