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Now, if this comes out in a strange format, my apologies. Blogger can sometimes be a silly bugger.  Anyway...

     I've talked about my novel 'till we're all blue in the face. What I haven't done - and I think it would help me enormously, psychologically - is to explain the basic plot.

     Alias Jeannie Delaney is the life story of a devastating, charismatic cowgirl who’s the fastest gun in the west and bisexual. The story charts her passage through life as cowgirl, outlaw leader, jailbird, deputy sheriff, rancher and mayor. The main premise is her struggle for acceptance.


     It's spring, 1891, in the southern Rockies, Wyoming.
     Kate Costigan, young New York reporter, wakes from a dream, startled, in hotel room in Wolf Creek. In the dream she encounters her heroine, Jeannie Morgan, as she did yesterday. In Kate's unconscious dream state she's imagining Jeannie making love to her, and Kate wakes up in a state of blissful pleasure. This was her secret desire upon meeting Jeannie in reality. Jeannie has sexual desires for women as well as men, and Kate shocked to find that her own feelings are heading that way.

     Kate lies back in bed and recalls that encounter.

     She's always wanted to meet the legendary icon, Jeannie Morgan, the pants-wearing, devastatingly androgynous frontierswoman who saved her home town from the grip of a bunch of outlaws led by psychotic gunman Isaac Sorenson. Sorenson sought revenge for the killing of his brother at the hands of Jeannie, the uncontested fastest gun. The outcome of this battle, although victorious for Jeannie, still leaves questions unsolved and Jeannie struggles with daily living and threats on her life.
     Kate's editor has sent her to Wolf Creek to interview Jeannie and find out what kind of person she is beyond the public's knowledge. Kate does indeed meet Jeannie, under less than comfortable circumstances. She witnesses the real Jeannie Morgan and her graceful masculinity and discovers her kindness and gentility, her irreverant, rip-roaring sense of humour, the adoration of kids and animals. Her charisma is over the top, and she's devastating in persona and looks. She seems over the top, which she is, causing jealousies and people's desires for her and revengeful thoughts. Jeannie is attacked verbally and physically while Kate is with her, and Kate makes the decision to write the truth about her, in novelised form.

     Jeannie is born in New Orleans in 1865, the only daughter of six children. Her southerner mother is deeply disappointed that Jeannie is a tomboy, a fact that her Pa adores. Jeannie's oldest brother, Rodger, hates her for causing their mother grief. The family move west in 1875. Pa's wish but at the expense of Mama's TB. Mama dies on route. Jeannie kills her first man - an Indian who tries to kill Pa when the wagon is attacked.

     The family establish a ranch in Wyoming. Jeannie becomes a cowgirl. Her tomboy tendencies develop, and she's the leader of her gang of boys. She falls in love with a cowboy, Bob, on Pa's ranch, and Victoria, a school friend who feels the same. Jeannie is magnetic, and people find her hard to cope with. Jeannie and Victoria's love is discovered. That, and Jeannie's fast gun and persona, force the townsfolk to want her to leave town. They try to kill her.

     Victoria is raped and Jeannie and gang leave town to track the rapists. Brother Rodger turns up and says he will kill her eventually. He wants to avenge her for death of her mother.

     Jeannie kills them and is now on the run. She and her boys become outlaws and much of their profits go to the more deserving, Robin Hood style. She returns home briefly and makes love with Bob. She becomes pregnant. She leaves twin boys with her favourite Gran.
     Jeannie is caught and imprisoned, then broken out to rescue her town from Sorenson, the psychotic gang leader. She is given amnesty and nominated deputy sheriff. She kills the gang and retains her badge. Becomes a friend to local Shoshonis. She falls to fever and a weak heart is result. She lives with Bob and twins. Bob jealous of her status. He proposes but she turns him down. Instead she buys a local ranch and offers Bob co-ownership. Jeannie has another son, Davy.

     Jeannie's friends, old outlaws, seek refuge. Bob unhappy. Bounty hunters seek outlaws. Bob killed. Later, Jeannie. in grief, adopts half caste daughter. Child killed by enemy. Jeannie's grief turns her. She's invited to England by distant cousin for respite. On return is elected to mayor hood of Wolf Creek. Has fallen for her foreman, Carl. They become an item. She adopts a Shoshoni boy.
She kills the man who killed her daughter. Jeannie's sons begin to hate her for who she is. Cause her to have heart problems. Stands down as mayor. New doctor and Indians help her with drugs to help her heart.

     She's evolved as character. Same but different. Most townsfolk have become accepting. Treat her as their own, protective.

     Brother returns and knocks her out. Reveals why he's trying to kill her. Shoots her. Jeannie's sons turn up and reveal their stronger and softer sides. They don't want her to die. Rodger escapes, and later kills himself. He can't take his jealousy at her life and loves.

     It's 1910 and Jeannie is re-elected. Kate, now married, arrives to celebrate publication of book. They leave the house and Jeannie kisses her. Kate's big wish. She's happy to love both her husband and Jeannie, and people, understanding or not, accept the situation because Jeannie is who she is.

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