Thursday, 12 April 2018



I'm up to chapter 18 in the editing of my novel. Husband, as I've said, is an excellent critic. I'm lucky like that. He's firm but fair.

Chapter 1.
Spring, 1893 in Wolf Creek, a frontier town at the foot of the southern Rockies, Wyoming. Kate Howard, young, unconventional New York reporter (possibly based on Nellie Bly, the real investagive reporter) has been sent by her editor to interview the notorious, legendary icon, Jeannie Morgan and perhaps to uncover the real woman.

Her boss knows that Kate is a true fan of the pants wearing, cigar smoking fastest gun in the west frontierswoman, and feels that sending Kate is the obvious choice. Miss Morgan has disposed of a gang of hardened shootists, led by psychotic Isaac Sorenson, who had taken over and terrorised Wolf Creek, her home town, wanting revenge on Jeannie for killing his younger brother in a shoot out.

Jeannie had been made deputy sheriff and is in that role when we are introduced to her when Kate is ambushed by two cowards who want to rob her. A gun blazes and Jeannie emerges from the trees. The men panic and run and she helps Kate with a wounded arm. Kate is mesmerised by her in every way.

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