Thursday, 10 May 2018


I'm not bad at yoga. Always been pretty flexible (one granddaughter out-flexibles me. Hah!), and it's possibly the one exercise I have kept up to a degree.  Many years ago I joined a couple of yoga classes at the sports centre and quickly unjoined them when I discovered how touchy-feely they were. Can't cope with that. You get into various positions and the instructor moves you into the right pose. Quite right, too - that's what you're paying for. But I couldn't hack that. A case of: 'Get your hands off me!' Yuk. I hate being man-handed, or woman-handled in this case. Don't mention massage by strange persons. *Shiver*.

     Husband and I love a decent walk, but have reached a point here in Alton where it's a case of 'been there, done that'. So, if we find somewhere fairly local, there's a coffee shop, and the weather's reasonable, even if we have to drive there, we'll walk a fairly brisk mileage. Many years ago we walked ten miles down the River Thames to Marlow, in Buckinghamshire, near where Husband's parents lived. We stopped off at a pub halfway for lunch because I couldn't walk another step, but, suitably refreshed, I was fine.

     After last Christmas on Gran Canaria, the Canary islands, we walked ten miles, taking in our local volcanic mountain and around the bay of Las Palmas. It took all day with a stop for lunch on the bay, but I was delighted that I'd managed to walk that far. So yes, I'm not too bad in the fitness department.

    We both cycle. From day one. At least since secondary school days. Difference between Himself and me is that I was brought up in flat-as-the-proverbial pancake land beside the river Thames, making for easy cycling, whereas he was brought up in High Wycombe, which is made of steep hills and deep valleys, which gave him muscly cycling calves. But there was a time when I could almost outcycle him.

     And there's also canoeing. Good for the upper body if not for the lower half! During the warmer months we take our Canadian canoe out for a cruise up or down the Basingstoke Canal in Hampshire, or on the river Thames, which does involve a fairly long drive.

     We do swim, but we're more likely to muck about in the water than swim in it! Which reminds me - we're due for a visit to Bracklesham Bay, an hour's drive from us on the south coast. We swam there last year in glorious sunshine and it was fabulous. (We were buzzed by an American war time aeroplane as well, which was rather fun).

     Last but not least is gardening. My mother was our tremendously enthusiastic family gardener, taking after her father, who's Surrey garden had been positively huge in comparison to many of today's pocket handkerchiefs. The home I grew up in had a substantial garden and I did love it, and the gardens Husband and I have owned have always been pretty big - biggest on the block - and it's invariably me who does the mowing! I don't mind. I quite enjoy it. And of course pruning, cutting, weeding... It's all physical and movement. I'vealways enjoyed gardening, but now that depression has buzzed off, I enjoy it even more. We've got plans for the garden, which could be rather fun. Kitty Le Roy's cabin stands on one side, we have three ponds and a water feature, we're working on wild spots, and landscaping. All looking interesting.

     That last is more about our garden than exercise! Eh, well - that's the way of blog posts...

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