Sunday, 20 May 2018


THE Wedding. What wedding?! 😃 No, seriously  - what wedding? It came and has gone and I was barely aware of it! I knew a wedding was due - maybe during the summer sometime, but suddenly it occurred to me this week that a wedding was happening this weekend. Really? 

    I've always been a bit of a royalist, and fascinated by the younger royals lives and the histories of royalty, but Harry's wedding passed me by. I'm delighted for him (I like the young royals, a lot!), but I'm not a wedding person, although I'm also rather pleased that the wedding is a pleasant distraction from over-exposure to unnecessary constant rotten news via media.

    There was a royal wedding gathering in our close yesterday afternoon, but honestly, I think I'm turning into a hermit. Husband's away at the moment and I really wanted to carry on painting the house - redecorating it. So I did. Very sweet of them to ask me to join them, but I said: 'No. I'm going for chocolate!' Did that sound rude? Possibly, but most of them know me! That reclusive moo at number 18. And anyway, I've reached a stage in life and my own experience when I can be perfectly honest and do exactly what I want to do provided it's not horrible.

    A lot of folk will say: 'But it's rude not to go.' Frankly, m'dear, I do give a bit of a damn, but no-one will think twice because most of them know me to be a delightful personage (occasionally!), honest to the point of blunt - mother's genes - and refreshing when stating stuff like this.

    So folks - thank you, but no thank you!

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