Sunday, 24 June 2018


We took the Canadian canoe to Chertsey, in Surrey, for a quick burn (paddle). Back to our old haunts. I met Husband when he was living in Weybridge, just up the road. And I was living in a Chertsey bedsit, and home was in Sunbury, further upriver.

As husband said: 'Blonde bird driving a speedboat - 
what's not to like?!'

Managed to snap this bird by accident!

Chertsey Bridge

Chertsey Wier

Chertsey rollers

The upper stretch

What you can't hear is the traffic literally just through trees to the left, from the M3 heading into London you'd 
 believe you're in the depths of the 
countrside here! 

And back again! Encountered swan family and cygnets. 
Didn't want to risk their wrath so turned round.

Paddled upriver to Weybridge, Surrey, to see the
 riverside house Husband shared with mates during
his apprenticeship days during the seventies.

And there's Husband's house - the one with scaffolding, 
being rebuilt!

Husband looked at the map and determined that this was, indeed, the house he lived in during the seventies for ten months. Freezing during the winter! At this point we turned round and paddled home. Knackered but happy. 

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