Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Managing Depression: 3 Simple Strategies to Create Joy

Managing Depression: 3 Simple Strategies to Create Joy: There is a very subtle and insidious cycle that frequently occurs for those who are struggling with feelings of depression. Whether it's situational, acute, or chronic, feelings of depression build on themselves. When we don't feel great, we succumb to a sort of molasses-like slowdown ... because we don't feel great, we don't feel like doing much. And because we don't feel like doing much, that usually includes slowing down or stopping doing the things that have the potential to make us feel better. Thus begins the Vicious Cycle of Nots: Not feeling well leads to not doing stuff, which leads to not engaging in activities that could counter not feeling well, and so on. Creating joy to counter depression often requires us to acknowledge -- really be conscious -- that not feeling like engaging in helpful, joy-promoting activities is part and parcel of depressive feelings. Not feeling like it, however, is not a reason not to. Consider this: How often have you felt like going to the

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