Monday, 2 July 2018


Mentally I could almost say I'm 99 percent better (there's always an element of fragility there). Don't ruin it with too much booze. Not that I'm an alcoholic - far from it 🤔 - but it could possibly screw up your brain. 

I love my rose wine. I've always enjoyed alcohol. Too much of it. And recently - right up to now - I've over-indulged. 

The suggestion is that I'm fine on a little booze and medication. Perhaps a glass or three once a week. Don't overdo it. Possibly the effect of overdoing the booze creeps up on you without you noticing. I've been in the habit of indulging in a bottle of wine to myself at weekends. And possibly more than that. Scientifically-minded Husband, who, quite rightly, has worried about this, looked up the combination of Mirtazapine (my drug) and too much alcohol and it ain't brilliant. 

What's caused this current outburst? We're on a cruise on our narrow boat in Staffordshire. The temperature's been approaching the eighties, and we'd been working flights of locks. Not good in the heat of the day, just the two of us. 

I've had mental problems with narrow boating in the recent past: Too far from home. Too many locks to work for just the two of us. Too much cruising flat, dull landscape. Too this, that and t'other. 

I never used to have problems with cruising, but in recent years I have, spoiling it rather for Husband, who's big interest it is. But last year we made it to Birmingham from our base in Warwickshire, and, for the most part, I did enjoy it.

So this time we decided to cruise one of the navigations Husband is really keen on. 'Let's do it!' We chorused. Although the temperature forecast were not unreasonable, Husband had initially had his reservations when looking up the weather.

'Only one day when it looks really hot. We can stay put that day.' Never take the weather as gospel. 

The mental problem came to me the day before yesterday, as we were cruising a length of canal through the countryside. The thought came to me that this particular stretch of canal went on ad-infinitem. Untrue, of course.

'Oh, not again.' I thought.

I voiced this thought to Husband. I'm useless at keeping things to myself. This came as a bit of a surprise. Only that morning we'd had a pleasant coffee or two in Polesworth, so for me to change mood so utterly drastically was a shock to both our systems. One minute raring to go, the next, 'I can't go on.' Accompanied by every excuse under the sun for never doing this again.

Much angsting over the problem later, from both Husband and self - I've recovered mentally, we've got help to get us home, it's still bleeding hot (horrendously humid) and I hope I've learnt a bit of a lesson. 

Booze and medications do not - on the whole - work. Another thing to bare in mind - water. The intake of it. Baring in mind also that our bodies consist of eighty percent of water, most of us don't drink enough of it. Particularly in hot weather. And more important still - when you're taking medication, water is vital for distributing it around the body. So, during hot periods of weather when we're sweating merrily away, drinking lots of water is imperative. 

We're on our way home now with the fabulous help of family, and I'm back, mentally speaking. In fact, we're having a pretty good time! 

So what happened? Not sure, precisely, but we do have some ideas. The weather, for one. Too hot for some people ie: us. Just the two of us = more work and no chance of respite. Too ambitious a trip. Too much booze (possibly). Not enough water (definitely).

Let that be a lesson to us...! 

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