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Wednesday, 3 October 2018


My humblest apologies. I haven't written for a while. Plenty of excuses!

I've been preparing three pieces of art for a local open art exhibition, handing in date this week, I started at archery club last week and am feeling anxious about that. We started at a local art group a couple of weeks ago, and, frankly, I don't feel tremendously inspired by it. We'll give it one more try next week and see how it goes.

Husband was away on our narrow boat last week, so I went to archery (Farnham Archers) by myself and joined a bunch of retired men and one or two younger ones. That was good, and I liked these guys a lot, but my shooting was crap! Unfortunately one of the screws on my bow sight had loosened and fallen out, so I had to rescrew it after I found it on the floor of the car. Which really put my sighting out of joint. Which resulted in more arrows in the ground than on target! Never mind. Husband has offered to come with me next time to keep me company among all those blokes.

I've been having my toes sorted as well. Over the years my feet have been neglected, so I've become best friends with my local podiatrist, who are gradually sorting them out. The manager/owner is a very friendly stained glass artist with a lovely sense of humour, and he's doing my laser treatment this week, so I reckon I might have a good chat about stained glass art. The American receptionist, Mary, is also lovely, and I'm going to ask her out for coffee. Amazing where one meets potential friends!

Today we  drove the Mini-Cooper, sans roof, to Chichester, West Sussex, which is a shortish drive away. Gorgeous weather. Fun drive. I'm suffering slightly from a touch of cabin fever, which does happen if I'm home for too long, which does happen when Husband goes away for any length of time (usually on the boat doing intensive trips, which I don't do!). Had coffee, walked the Roman wall, then had lunch in The Buttery. Nice. We visit Chichester every now and then. A good place to see. Fully recommend it.

Until next time...

The Roman Wall

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