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Sunday, 14 October 2018


The abundant Creative Banner
 Melissa D'Antoni

       ...unleash your full creative potential in life & business

Located on Martha’s Vineyard, MA and Austin, TX. Fire Tree Studios specializes in intuitive, expressive and visionary painting experiences, integrated within a solid coaching framework. This unique approach titled The Fire Tree Method® has been the research and distillation of Found and Director Melissa D’Antoni’s own awakening experience, research, clinical studies over the last 15 years. The Fire Tree Method® offers a guided path of awakening where anyone can heighten their creativity, discover their full self-expression and celebrate their potential and prosperity — with passion *and* practicality.

THE PURPOSE of Fire Tree Studios is to support the evolutionary growth of humanity by catalyzing creative transformation to awaken Universal Joy, Freedom and Abundance.

For breakdowns AND breakthroughs. For awakening the creative life force in your life. We celebrate…

  • discovery & expression of your authentic voice
  • creative experimentation & play
  • trust in your intuition
  • harnessing the power of being in the present moment
  • being at peace in the unknown and with the mystery
  • unlocking creative genesis
  • identifying fears and obstacles that block your ability to express and create freely
  • exploring your imagination and endless possibility
  • radical self-love and acceptance
  • expanding consciousness
  • journey through self-discovery & self-empowerment to self-realization
  • utilizing your whole brain & expressing your whole self, integrating both right & left sides
  • uncovering your unique style of expression
  • transforming and expanding your current reality of possibility
  • grounding your visions in reality
  • developing a strong container for your dreams and visions
  • expressing inspired action rather than obligation
  • releasing the past to step fully into your highest potential
  • cultivate infinite creativity & abundance

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