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Thursday, 11 October 2018


Guys - these are places Husband and I have visited and enjoyed over the past year and maybe you would too!

Love this place! If you're into antique curios, as I am, then you'll enjoy it. Many antique traders rent space here and there's something for virtually everyone. 

We visited Las Palmas, Gran Canaria this January for the first time and found out that Sioux City, an old west theme park, was a fair distance south of us. We didn't visit this time, but maybe next time. Sounds fun!

This Elizabethan manor house once belonged to Jane Austen's
brother, Edward. The library, house and gardens are open to the public. It's a lovely building. We live literally just down the road and had never been, although we've visited Jane Austen's cottage a few times. We had coffee and cake in the manor's old kitchen which is fabulous! 

We used to belong to the National Trust and visited many of their properties, but we've reached the point where we've seen virtually all the ones convenient to wherever we happen to be. So now, with this brochure, we have more possibilities! Although some of the properties featured are way out of the way for us unless we make special trips, there are definitely a couple we must visit. Bateman's, in Sussex - not far from us - was home to Kipling Society, and  Charleston House, also in Sussex, was the home of Vanessa Bell(artist and sister of Virginia Woolf) and her partner Duncan Grant and retreat for the artistic 'Bloomsbury Group'.

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