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Tuesday, 6 November 2018


I'm struggling with technological issues with this blog. I love doing it, but I'd love a bit of help. I need you guys and any other potential readers to give me a hand!

For a start the blog doesn't work properly. The links at the side aren't working. I tried them out and none of them - with the exception of Kitty Le Roy's Wild West -  link to their subjects. Infuriating. I'm still learning about Blogger, which is fine, but Googling the subject brings up many thoughts on 'How to...' but often the tech speak and instructions are so obscure I'm left thinking 'Whaa....?'. And I need images, not words!

So, one - fix technical problems. Two - how to get readers to interact. That's a big one, and apparently one of the biggest problems bloggers face. I've had a few responses in the comments boxes, but not many. Most of my comments have been via Facebook or other social media channels. Which is great, but interaction on the blog itself would be fab-u-lous. This problem is common and a tad lonely.

So, two - interaction. Am I writing the right stuff? Am I boring the pants off potential readers? Is there a reasonable balance between mental health subjects and my waffle? Is my content too varied? I would love to hear everyone's views.

Three - design. Is that okay? Is it attractive enough to want to peruse? Given half the chance I would really up my design game when it comes to my renaissance soul subjects. Blogger makes that hard to do when you're artistic and would love to go to town on some posts, such as the quirkier ones where I'd love to place photos at a slight angle say, or frame them with a silly border. There might even be a design feature on Blogger to do just that, but I've yet to find it. But - I hear you say - it is free! True. I have signed up to Canva, which is a design platform bloggers and designers use, but I've yet to try it. But I must, I must!

Anyhoo, any suggestions and comments would be fabulous, so, follower - yes, you, I'm talking to you! - respond and tell me what you think.

                                                      CREATING MY ODYSSEY

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