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Friday, 16 November 2018


The Sparkling Hippie

Haley Hoover.

Impassioned creator.  Flower Child born in the wrong decade.  Teaching you Creative Confidence.

I am a creative who was totally born in the wrong decade.  I listen to Fleetwood Mac, Joe Walsh and Tom Petty.  I read books about the Summer of Love.  I watch docos on Woodstock and San Fransisco in the 1960's.  
Aside from studying the counter-culture generation, I spend lots of time in my painting room painting bold, playful objects such as guitars and Volkswagen busses.  >>>Check out my hippie art here.

I believe there are no rules in art, life or business -- and so that must make me some kind of anti-artist or something.  But who says it has to look a certain way? Shouldn't our creations be as unique and as personal as each and every one of us?
My story is about finding the ultimate happy ending, no--not a soulmate-- but a soul.  I believe creativity, spirituality and travel are tools we can use to help become the most authentic version of ourselves. 
Perhaps you too, have a voice inside you telling you to go do something brave.  What's it saying?  Take that first brave step by writing it down in an email and sending it my way.  Together we can shake the crummy dust off our boots and change the world! Learn how I can help you get over your fears of judgement, perfectionism and not feeling “good enough” to promote or share your creative treasures right over here >>


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