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Sunday, 9 December 2018


We love Emsworth, on the south coast in Hampshire. It's about a half an hour's drive south of us. A bit of a hidden gem, and we visit fairly regularly. It's a pretty town - gateway to Chichester Harbour (official description), discovered by us when daughter lived on nearby Thorney Island.

     When we decide it's time for a trip, we look at the diary and stick a pin in on a pleasant day when we have nothing planned.

     Husband looks up the tidal times if we fancy the three-mile walk along the beach to the pubs in Langstone Harbour when the tide's out.

On the day we take the Mini Cooper 
to Petersfield, Hampshire, mostly 
via the country route with fabulous views.

Petersfield's fabulous views. Ashford Hangers
Hampshire's right down the bottom. See Isle of Wight? Just north of that!

On route to Emsworth, we stop off for coffee in Horndean, an old brewery town. It's either The Ship & Bell in the winter - discovered when we broke down in one of our old classic cars! - or, in the summer, Keydell Nurseries, which we only discovered this year. It's big, sprawling and they serve excellent coffee. Another twenty minutes and we're in Emsworth.

It's that man again!

When we arrive in Emsworth, we go for a route march around the seawall, and, if the tide's out, do a spot of Mudlarking/ beach-combing. Then, lunch. During the summer it's in Flintstones Tea Room, which is an old fisherman's net drying loft on the sea front. During the cooler months, we pop into The Ship Inn.
You may notice the loft opening beyond the rafters. Southampton Art College students made cardboard sculptures of figures. The legs of one of them are dangling down!

If we're not marching the three mile beach route towards Langstone Harbour end, we visit Emsworth Antiques. A lot of my curios have come from there.  

Otherwise, we take that walk...

There are two pubs in Langstone Harbour - The Royal Oak and 
The Ship Inn. We've been to both. Good grub and great views of the harbour. 

After getting suitably inebriated, we head back, but not before trying to cross to Hayling Island, across from Langstone on a track exposed by the tide being out. Didn't get far. In the middle ran a deep stream. Needed our wellies! (Note for next time).

Excellent walk. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Six-and-a-half miles altogether. No wonder we were knackered! 

Yes - a favourite day out because there's so much going for it. Anyone else have a particular favourite day out? 

(Ps. My apologies for the various sizes of the fonts. Blogger can be a bugger like that! As long as it's readable, I say...)

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