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Sunday, 3 March 2019


Hello guys - 

It's been a long time coming, but here's Part 2 of Alias Jeannie Delaney, 

Part 4

Outlaw 1887

She cannot return home, so rides, with the boys, from town to town, intention being to get far away from Wolf and find job elsewhere, possibly behind a bar, as a cook or as a cowgirl. The last is least likely. Her entry into a saloon results in a singer fancying her and challenges. They witness the Jeannie Morgan effect. Other towns follow. She becomes known. Newspaper accounts follow. She can't find work. She's drunk when dared to rob bank. Fulfils deed. Enjoys the power. Tells the boys. They reluctantly join her, and spread the money among lesser mortals. The boys become confidant, even enjoying it, and join her in further thefts. She's a natural and becomes notorious. An outlaw leader, a legendary, iconic anti-heroine in the same vein as Robin Hood. 

She and the boys are invited to join another gang of outlaws in their hideout. They become protective of her, particularly of her sexuality. She returns to Wolf Creek under night fall, to see her brothers. Meets Bob. They make love and she becomes pregnant. She visits her beloved Gran and gives birth to twin boys, Sean and Roy. Gran cares for them when Jeannie leaves because she can't take them with her. She visits them often as they grow up so that they can get to know her.
Back in Wolf, Vicky has a son, the result of the rape, and has met Oliver, who shows interest in her. Jeannie meets Oliver, who dislikes her because of her relationship with Vicky. 

Arrest 1890

After disastrous bank raid when two of 'her boys' are killed, Jeannie and the other boys head for Mexico. The law is on their tail. They reach Texas. Jeannie is arrested. The boys escape, but she is the prize. She is tried in a saloon cum courtroom in the desert. The jury is drunk and bribe-able, which the judge, who fancies her (part of her problem, and everyone else's, is that she is so sexy and charismatic) has arranged. She makes her impassioned defence speech charismatic and magnetic. Lands up in jail, the only woman. Her toughness is demonstrated. In prison, she makes enemies, develops another band of loyal friends, who, again, are protective of her. 

Back in Wolf, town taken over by gang of bullies led by Isaac Sorenson. Jeannie killed his younger brother while on the run, one of many men who challenged her fast gun. Sorenson wants revenge. He fancies her photograph. Viciously resents this, plus resenting fact that she's capable of out-shooting any man. He wants her sexually, to satisfy his unwanted craving, then kill her. He brings along a bunch of cohorts who are intensely fascinated by her. Plan to bully and vandalise town, including her friends and family, in order to force her release, knowing the people will need natural leader. 

Part 5

The Return 1892

She is broken out by her gang, who are back home and working, to save Wolf Creek. She is made deputy sheriff and is largely accepted because she's changed in character. From wild, dangerous child to adult who demonstrates responsibility, kindness, mental and physical strength and great leadership. She retrieves the citizens' weapons from ineffectual, weak mayor, who won his seat through fixed votes. He is enforcing unpopular laws to ingratiate himself to whitewashed do-gooders, but is hypocritical, drinking and womanising in private. Jeannie kills gang one by one, using phenomenal gun speed. Kills Sorenson face to face. She is made deputy sheriff on permanent basis. Receives amnesty.

She makes friend of renegade Shoshoni indians after being attacked by a young, zealous brave. She ties bandana round her head, indian fashion, changing her image again. 

She contracts fever. Her heart weakened. She is forced to quit job by her sons and be the rancher she always wanted to be. Refuses to marry Bob. Persuades him to be co-owner of Double D Ranch. Carl Granger becomes foreman. Jeannie pregnant. Third son, Davy, born. Outlaw friends turn up on her property She permits them to hide out there. Bounty hunters try to turf them out. Bob killed in gunfight. She makes enemy of Bob's mother, who had always disapproved of her, and now, because of her, her son is dead. J invited to England by distant cousin. Brother Roger tries to kill her before she leaves. She shocks British aristocracy. Cousin loves her. Return home.

Part 6

Inauguration 1897

Carl becomes her lover. She's inaugurated as mayor. Extremely effective. 1900. Nathanial, Vicky's son by rapist, develops into wild boy who hates Jeannie and her sexuality. Jeannie's sons grow to have love/hate relationship with her, particularly as teenagers, as most teenagers do. 

Brother Mike returns, found by friend who had vowed to find him. Make amends for wrong-doing her in past. Her heart trouble, induced by troublesome son Sean, makes ppl appreciate her. Stands down as mayor. Returns to full time ranching. She makes peace with all those who railed against her as they discover her true personality. She is reinstated as mayor when folk realise that the force of her personality and power brings town to peace. Tourist begin turning up, most of them to meet her. They find that the town has kept its frontier character.


Roger arrives to make final attempt to kill her. Confesses that he's her half brother, son of half caste negro slave, jailed on plantation for unruly behaviour/trying to run away/stealing bread on plantation. His deeply olive complexion, always put down to his mother's genes, was also inherited from his negriod background. Their mother was the daughter of clergyman who had visited the plantation. She had accompanied him, had taken pity on the half caste. Pity had turned into something more and several visits later she became pregnant. 

Pa had married her despite situation. Had loved her. Roger feels tainted by this and by the fact that Jeannie is his kin. He shoots Jeannie, but is tackled by the twins, who panic that she's dead. But she's saved by silver cigar case in her breast pocket, given to her by Pa. Roger has vanished. Couldn't take the fact that she's loved so much. He's jealous of her too. Later they read that he's shot himself.


(Final chapter narrated first person Kate Howard.)

After Jeannie's re-inauguration, after Kate Howard has been congratulated for finishing her book bringing Jeannie's truth to light, Jeannie kisses her properly. Kate has longed for this since meeting Jeannie for the first time. She's happily married, but Kate has become a member of Jeannie's 'harem', a secret she knows she can keep. She feels pleasure, pride and honour.


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