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Tuesday, 10 September 2019


(TV channel  5+1)

How You Can Help Stop Suicide 
(TV channel  5+1)

I saw these two programmes and felt strongly that I must post about them. The first programme centred upon men and mental health issues, because men, particularly, often find it incredibly hard to open up about their feelings. They've been brought up to believe that it's 'unmanly' to admit to these 'weaknesses'. Thankfully, help is out there, and the stigma around men admitting to these feelings is gradually dissipating. I hope so, anyway. 

The other programme centres upon helping those who have suicidal feelings to find the right treatment, or helping them to look after their mental health in any way they can. 

I'm so grateful that these programmes exist, and that World Suicide Prevention Day has been established. So different from when I began to have mental health problems. Thank goodness I found my help when I needed it. 

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