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Sunday, 21 April 2019


This was my third trip to Venice. This time I paid attention.

My first visit was as a fourteen-year-old, one summer in the late sixties. My parents had decided on a trip through Europe, bed and breakfasting in Belgium, France, GermanyAustria and Italy I enjoyed most of it, but my teen moods were fluctuating, and home sickness plagued me. We visited the German glacier, Grossglockner - the folks took a pic of me standing on it - and Neuschwanstein, the German palace of the mad King Ludwig II of Bavaria.

But I remember very little of Venice, except dad treating me to a Tequila for the first time (yuk!) 😝and me running into the sea at Lido di Jesolo, and running out again, exclaiming: 'It's warm!' when I was too hot. Dad refused to pay £12 for a trip on a gondola. 'Extortionate.' The folks said (today it's over a hundred quid!). And when I arrived at the doors of St.Mark's Cathedral, a cleric said: 'Bra...bra...' And gesticulated down his arms, indicating my sleeveless dress, which meant I couldn't enter.

My second visit was with our kids when they were very young - daughter was just old enough to be left alone for a while and son was three years younger. We made a two-centre trip. A week on Lake Bled in Slovenia - beautiful - and another week in Venice, which was too hot, and I had my purse pick-pocketed while on a ferry trip. Other than that, I remember zilch.

This time was to celebrate my sixty-fifth birthday and this time I would pay attention. We would visit Murano, the island known for its glass making, and which I'd known about but never managed, and we would ride a Gondola.

What a spanking time we had!

My birthday is late October, just the right time to be travelling to warmer climes. Our flight took us over the Italian Alps (the Dolomites), which of course entailed a trillion photographs by Yours Truly!

Our arrival in Venice  was spectacular, flying low over Venice Lagoon for the landing in Marco Polo_Airport.

Followed by another spectacular experience - a ride courtesy of a boy racer in an Alilaguna water bus to Venice Island.

And arrival in Venice itself!

Our Hotel dell Opera is on the right.
I loved the fact that we were off the main thoroughfare. 

The view from our hotel bedroom window! 

We adored Venice! My refreshed view of it was fabulous, able to take it in unimpeded. Exploring the island top to bottom (almost). Watching gondola jams, taking in Grand Canal, the Bridge of Sighs and the Rialto Bridge. All seen before but not remembered.

You will note Murano and Murano on the map. I used to think that Murano was closer to Venice than it actually was, and that the island was one large glass factory. I had no idea that it was an inhabited island with many factories.

This is 'Cemetary Island' or - to give it its official name - 
San Michele Cemetery Island. A place where the dead of 
Venice are buried. Wealthy and famous 'residents' call it home, but after ten to twelve years, the poor and unknown are moved on.


Murano Glass -  fabulous!


Burano Lace - see those miniature parasols? I bought one.

We adored our trip via water bus (vaporetto) to the three islands - Cemetary IslandMurano and Burano. Almost surreal. Not too hot, amazing ambience, amazing architecture, beautiful travel over water between lagoon islands. And the fish lunch on Burano was to die for!
The end of the day on the (vaporetto) water bus

Our trip on a gondola in the backwaters. We loved the backwaters!

On the Grand Canal,

St.Mark's Square - flooded. 

In fact, the day we left, the water was ankle-deep and the entire island flooded after we left 
 - just in time. We loved Venice and fully intend to return! 

Have you been to Venice? Which part were your favourites? We adored Burano!

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