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Sunday, 16 June 2019


So, in between scraping clean the grey-infested grout between the kitchen tiles in order to paint them over (long time coming!), I'm taking breaks on that to edit my novel Alias Jeannie Delaney, write up this blog and consider this coming weekend. This weekend we're going to our first Isle of Wight Steam Punk Railway event. Really looking forward to that!

Steam Punk

In the meantime I'm trying to sort out the snags on this here blog. Several problems, one of which is that my categories index (Creativity, Travel, Mental Health, Kitty Le Roy's Wild West, and Renaissance Soul) vanished, leaving only 'Renaissance Soul'. Whatever happened I do not know. I'm guessing that in my fiddling around trying to fix things, I quite possibly deleted something or clicked on the wrong button, thereby making it worse. The other snags is that several links on the blog lead to nowhere. 'This page is missing' echo echo..., or something on those lines. All very frustrating.
Mr.Fixit is saying: 'Just let me help you.' Looks like I'll have to let him. 😒 

Hopefully the problem will be fixed sooner rather than later. In the meantime, back to my scraping and getting my steampunk costume together... 😃

                      CREATING MY ODYSSEY
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  1. What a vibrant cover! Makes my pants wanna get up and dance.

  2. My blog is - Drop in and COMMENT. I never get comments either.