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Thursday, 13 June 2019



As a collector of antique curios, a few years ago I bought a bunch of used vintage postcards. Most of them were dated from the early 1900s through to the 1920s, through WW2, and a few dated the 1960s. The whole bunch cost me a tenner (£10), I was told at the time that they were extremely good value, and that was right. I've yet to find another bunch of cards at a similar price. Usually much more expensive, and singly. 

They're a great peep into brief moments of social history, and I've kept a lookout for bunches of postcards in this vein at that kind of price, to no avail. Still, it's fascinating to work my way through them and research the image on the front if it's a place, and find the address on the back (most of which I've so far found) and read the message, particularly if the date is Edwardian, up to the roaring twenties. 

It's histories that are not in text or library books and would not normally be written up in any shape or form. A snapshot of a moment in time that's come and gone in a moment. Fascinating!

Do you guys collect anything of this nature that records a moment in time?

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