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Tuesday, 20 August 2019




Hi guys,

 As you'll know if you're following me, I've got a bit of a 'thaing'  for the wild and woolly west, and I've been runningKitty Le Roy's Wild Westmy wild west website, for many years now. Here I've charted my hobby - how and when it began, how I got involved in clubs and living history camps, the artefacts I've collected over the years, and, since my mental health recovery, the extending and makeover of Kitty Le Roy's cabin, and what my plans are for the future as regards this and steampunk, which is connected! 😄 

So, have a perusal through my website and let me know what you think of it. Looking back on it, it desperately needs updating, and now that I'm showing it off on this here blog, it's time I did so. 

Would love to hear your views on this or anything else!

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  Himself is next door...

A Favourite Day Out
Emsworth, Hampshire UK 
We loveEmsworth,
on the southcoast in Hampshire. 
It's about a half an hour's drive south of us. 
A bit of a hidden gem,

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  1. You posted a picture and called it A Favourite Day Out, but you don't say where it is.

  2. You're so right! Must redress that. It's Emsworth, in Hampshire UK. Thankyou so much for pointing this out.