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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Creating My Odyssey: BONKERS!

Creating My Odyssey: BONKERS!: SO MUCH TO DO, SO LITTLE TIME! It's my own fault. Too many projects and so little time! Well, I would offer my services to eve...

Tuesday, 30 January 2018



It's my own fault. Too many projects and so little time!
Well, I would offer my services to everyone and their dog. And I'm the most disorganised bod on this planet – 'Couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery.' as my dear ol' dad would say. Or, the polite version: 'Couldn't organise a rice pudding.'

I thought: 'Help! I've got this, that and t'other to do! On top of everything else. What's a gal to do?' Well, blog about it for a starters.

Here's a glimpse of my 'TO DO' page on Evernote:

Possible interview:
Story Artist respond


Romantic Bohemian Guest blogging
Precipeace My art. Their blog posts Guest post re journaling journey. 
Sanctus Mental Health 
Interview Happyologist
Polymath Chick collaboration and guest post
Purple Ink CafĂ© - January/February - interview on Zoom 
Post 2 guest posts to Facebook mental health sites and mental health blogs.



Vocal Writing 

...Talking of which, ongoing novel writing, which I'm finding extraordinarily difficult because I've been working on it for so long but I need to finish it and only I can do that. Husband is editing chapters – we're up to chapter 13 now – but I find it impossible to read out to him. Still causes me angsts...Grrr.

and so on..... ...

Not to forget that we're almost totally redecorating the house after thirty years of neglect. Utitlity room's done. Now we're onto the upstairs loo and bathroom. Redoing floor and walls. Me stripping (wallpaper and paint!!!). Painting anything that stands still with white paint. Rebuilding conservatory this year.

My blog. Well, I love my blog and love doing it. No complaints there, but slight concern that I've advertised collaboration and services to number of other blog owners and don't want to keep them waiting!

So, disorganised me is attempting (note the word 'attempting') to be more organised. This is where Evernote comes in. That does actually work.

Unsubscribing from some of the umpteen zillion newsletters that I subscribed to when I was still recovering. Still working on that. 

Getting frustrated that Blogger doesn't always do as it's told! Eh, well...

And preparing to go to Madeira in February. Research.

What a nice note to end on!

Creating My Odyssey: Who,What, Why, is Polymath Chick? Today's guest p...

Creating My Odyssey: Who,What, Why, is Polymath Chick?
Today's guest p...
: Who, What, Why, is Polymath Chick? Today's guest post is by Katelyn Yarnell, a renaissance soul, or a scanner, or a polymath. ...

Monday, 29 January 2018


I've been collecting Pinterest images
 of the Romanov family for sometime now -
they were prolific photographers.
In recent years a family photograph album was
 found containing hundreds of amazing images
 (this is a colourized copy of the original).
I really must find out about the Romanov
This is a William Fox Talbot image taken in 1840 (approx). The earliest photographic images fascinate me.
Haw, haw..! 
I want to be a cowgirl, a pirate or a cavalier! 

Creating My Odyssey: Coping: Cats, Chat, Counselling and Creativity

Creating My Odyssey: Coping: Cats, Chat, Counselling and Creativity: Coping: Cats, Chat, Counselling and Creativity Today's guest post is written by Lynne Lawer, founder of Feel Good Art . Lynne ...

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Creative Links: Mental Health Creative Support Service - Creativity Works

Creative Links: Mental Health Creative Support Service - Creativity Works

My Time My Space - Postnatal depression support from Creativity Works

My Time My Space - Postnatal depression support from Creativity Works

Coping: Cats, Chat, Counselling and Creativity

Coping: Cats, Chat, Counselling

and Creativity

Today's guest post is written by Lynne Lawer, founder of Feel Good Art. Lynne suffers from depression and anxiety and she's passing on advice and ideas for helping to deal with both. I love what she's said, and I know that I, personally, should adopt some of her ideas. For example, meeting with friends once a week. I'm a shocker at this, and know I should do it! Affirmations. I never do this, but perhaps I should. Thank you, Lynne, there's some excellent advice here! 

     For me, depression involves feeling so fatigued that I just want to sleep all of the time, feeling anxious about normal things like going shopping, getting mentally "stuck" so that I can't move, as well as feeling like I want to burst into tears. I'm not always successful in managing my depression but these are some things that have helped me and maybe they could help you too:

  1. Medication.      I resisted it for a long time as I thought I should be able to control my depression and being on medication meant I was weak but, actually, the right medication (which for me is Duloxetine and Pregabalin) has helped a lot. It hasn't got rid of the depression and anxiety completely but it has meant I can cope better with it.
  2. Friends.      I try to see my friends at least once a week. It's important to be able to get out and have a chat. We go for lunch, have a wander round the shops then have tea and cake. Not the healthiest thing to do I know but I can't resist coffee and walnut cake. Yummy!
  3. Creativity.      I'm lucky to have a knitting and crocheting group I can go to as well as a pottery group. Unfortunately, they are both on the same day so it can be a little frantic when it should be relaxing. I also do crafts at home every day. My latest passion is 5D diamond pictures which are like painting by numbers but with rhinestones or shiny plastic beads instead of paint. I've found I get very miserable if I don't do something creative, preferably involving sparkly things. ☺ Puzzle books are also good as they keep my mind occupied so I can’t worry about things.
  4. Counselling.      I'm currently having person-centred counselling which means I get to talk about whatever I want, as opposed to the counsellor being the expert and telling me what to do. I have found this style of counselling to be very helpful and relaxing. I am also fortunate in having a good rapport with my counsellor.
  5. Cats.      Pets have a wonderful ability to give us unconditional love. Stroking them helps to relieve stress and anxiety. I adore my two furry children, Bonnie and Clyde. Bonnie follows me around like a little dog. She has a habit of appearing out of nowhere like a Weeping Angel from Doctor Who. Clyde, who loves cuddles, has a special bond with my daughter. He has taken to yowling loudly whenever he comes in from the garden and when Bonnie is blocking his way on the stairs because he is frightened of her even though he is a lot bigger than her. 
  6. Mindfulness.      I find mindfulness helps when I have anxiety. If I concentrate closely on whatever I'm doing - washing up or eating, for example - the anxiety fades away. You can use mindfulness anywhere. You can look for different colours or shapes, listen to hear a noise, notice what is touching your skin or what you can smell - anything that makes you take notice of the moment. Deep breathing is a form of mindfulness. It calms you down and helps you to relax as you concentrate on your breathing.
  7. Moving.      There have been times when I've physically not been able to move to get out of the bath even though mentally I was telling myself to. I solved that problem by having a shower instead but there were still times when I would sit and not be able to move, or not be able to get out of bed. What helped was counting to three and just moving on the number three. It sounds weird, but it works.
  8. Celebrating.       Whenever I manage to achieve something, no matter how small, I congratulate myself and do a celebratory dance (if I'm on my own, otherwise I’d get some funny looks). The sillier the dance, the better, as it makes me laugh. It is important to recognise your successes, even if sometimes that is just getting out of bed. If you feel good when you achieve something small, it will encourage you to attempt something bigger.
  9. Gratitude.      I try to recognise when I am having a good time so that I appreciate it. I make a point of saying to myself "I'm really enjoying this". I give thanks for my food, my warm house, my cosy bed, my family being safe and anything else I can think of. The more things you think of to be grateful for, the more things to be grateful for will show up. You notice more of what you put your attention on.
  10. Sleep.      I feel better when I get a decent night's sleep. Unfortunately, I tend to work best in the early hours of the morning so sometimes I get only four or five hours' sleep. If I do that for two nights running, I feel completely exhausted and have to sleep for about sixteen hours. Also, doing even enjoyable things for two days in a row completely wipes me out. Sometimes, I struggle to be awake at all for up to two days afterwards but I've learned to just go with it, not blame myself and not regret the missing time as I obviously needed the sleep.
  11. Relaxing.       Recently, I've found that I've been doing too much and it has made me very stressed. Starting up a business takes a lot of time and energy. I was doing some things that I quite enjoyed but I didn’t love doing them so I decided I had to cut them out to give myself more free time. Now I'm only doing the things I really enjoy and making sure I have plenty of time to relax. Knowing that I have those two extra days makes a huge difference.
  12. Affirmations.       Whenever I've been in a situation where I'm struggling, I'll say to myself "You can do it" or "You are safe". If you think about what you say to yourself all day, you will realise you are using affirmations but they are probably negative ones such as "It's too difficult" or "I can't afford it". Then, guess what? That is what you get! Be careful what you say to yourself as your mind is listening all of the time. If you use positive affirmations deliberately, you will help to reduce the negative ones. I'm very fortunate in having a business that helps people through affirmations, so I am absorbing them all of the time.

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Creating My Odyssey: Who,What, Why, is Polymath Chick? Doyou have one,...

Creating My Odyssey: Who,What, Why, is Polymath Chick?
Doyou have one,...
: Who, What, Why, is Polymath Chick? Do you have one, and only one interest in life? Are you not curious or adventurous? I may not ...

Creating My Odyssey: Arts on PrescriptionI am attaching a leaflet for...

Creating My Odyssey:
Arts on Prescription
I am attaching a leaflet for...
: Arts  on Prescription I am attaching a leaflet for   Arts on Prescription   free art workshops for people with anxiety or depressio...

Arts on Prescription

I am attaching a leaflet for Arts on Prescription free art workshops for people with anxiety or depression or any other mental health problems, as there are 7 places still available on the new series which will now start at the Norris Museum in St Ives from 1-3pm on Wednesdays 14th of February to 16th of May, and there are also places available on the rolling programme at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Cambridge from 1-3pm on Tuesdays and we have a waiting list for people interested in a series we hope to run in Peterborough too, if you would like to come along to try it out. Please spread the word in the hope it may be of benefit to some of the people you meet.

Arts on Prescription free daytime workshops are led by professional artists and supported by a qualified counsellor, taking place weekly in local venues.  A 'hands-on art workshop' is a good description of Arts on Prescription, it is important to convey that it is not art therapy, although participants find it therapeutic! Arts on Prescription was designed to help people with mild to moderate anxiety or depression, but we don’t ask for a diagnosis, we understand that participants may have different mental health problems. The counsellor is there in case anything comes up, which sometimes happens, but generally, the artist and counsellor co-facilitate the workshop by taking part in the creative activities alongside the participants. 

Beginners are very welcome, alongside people who have more experience of art. It is a mixed group where participants can try out different techniques, often working from drawings made of objects in museums to work on further with printmaking, painting and sculpture. 

Please do tell anyone you think may be interested in Arts on Prescription and I will contact them as soon as I can to offer places. 

With best wishes,


Jessa Leff
Arts on Prescription Project Manager, Arts and Minds
47-51 Norfolk Street, Cambridge CB1 2LD
Registered charity 1122845

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Creating My Odyssey: WHATIS ART NOUVEAU?Recently, I wasapproached by ...

Creating My Odyssey:
Recently, I wasapproached by ...
: WHAT IS ART NOUVEAU? Recently, I was approached by Rebecca, of Artsy , who are working to build the most comprehensive art d...
Who, What, Why, is Polymath Chick?

Today's guest post is by Katelyn Yarnell, a renaissance soul, or a scanner, or a polymath. A person who has many disparate, eclectic interests, or a person of learning who loves to learn. Katelyn tells us the origins of the term 'polymath', and about her own life as one.

Do you have one, and only one interest in life? Are you not curious or adventurous? I may not be Jack of all trades, but I do love to dabble in various activities and knowledge quests.

Who is the Polymath Chick?  

My name is Katelyn. Just a twenty-two-year-old college student, pursuing a career in the medical field. Currently, I’m muddling my way into adulthood. It could be going a lot more gracefully, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard a “growing up” story that didn’t involve a few trips and stumbles along the way.

My hobbies include crocheting, painting, drawing, working out, going on adventures, reading, photography, and my favorite of all, learning. The list goes on and on, but I won’t put you through that. I’ll just show you. With my blog that I am working to build, I intend to share some of all of these interests I have. My blog is still just baby, but we all start somewhere right?

What is Polymath Chick?

Polymath Chick is where you will find a variety of different things, just as the name implies. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, no, a polymath isn’t someone who does math. Thank goodness for that! Because that’s definitely the opposite of me.

The word “polymath” originates in ancient Greece. It’s a term referring to “a person of wide-ranging knowledge or learning.”

I’m not saying that I’m some sort of multi-faceted expert in several different fields of study. That would be pretty awesome, but unfortunately that isn’t the case. I am just a girl who finds joy in learning about a wide variety of different subjects, as well as trying my hand new skills and experiences.  Needless to say, one of my favorite shows to watch on TV is Jeopardy. Not for the competitive aspect of it, but whether to test my own knowledge or gain some new factoids. Either way, each night of Jeopardy is a winning night for me. 

Why is Polymath Chick?

What prompted the birth of my website, you may still be wondering. Aside from the typical reason of “a creative outlet”, I wanted to dive into the wide-open field of knowledge that is the internet. Yea, I can Google any and all information I would ever want to know about. But, by having a main focus (my website) I have found purpose to be on the internet. By doing this I can share my knowledge and discoveries with others who also have a hunger to learn.
My other goals that come with my website include monetizing my blog. I have made some steps in that direction so far, but it is still a work in process. I still have much to learn about that aspect of blogging

Among my various goals that I have set for my blogging, becoming a better writer is in my top five.

I struggle with putting my thoughts into words on a daily basis, but since I began writing for my blog I’ve found that I’ve had a much easier time forming my thoughts into a clear, concise explanation. Whether it's aloud to another person, or I’m writing an email to someone.
Being that I am a nursing student, I feel that all of these qualities that I may be able to master through blogging would come in very handy in my life. College definitely isn’t cheap, so monetization of my blog would be a huge help in that department.

Having the ability to communicate clearly and accurately is a very important trait to have in the field of medicine. In any profession for that matter. It’s a good skill to have off the clock too, though. Relationships of any shape, color or size require good communication as a top priority. With blogging, I feel I will find myself to become a much more fluent, organized, and possibly even a less stressed individual. Not only that, I will also find happiness sharing all of my various interests, crafts, and adventures, with anyone who would be interested in following me on this adventure.

Social Media Information:
Instagram: @polymathchick

Author bio:
Katelyn is a lifestyle/medical blogger. She lives in south Florida with her boyfriend and family. She aspires to become a nurse. She is beginning her journey into the field of nursing as of January, 2018.

When she is not working on her blog, Katelyn can be found at the gym, the craft store, or snuggled up at home working on a craft or two. She loves to crochet as well as work on home improvement projects around the house. Cooking is also a new found hobby of hers.

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