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Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Sunday, 26 May 2019


CREATING MY ODYSSEY: I WITNESSED A (REAL) ROCKET LAUNCH BACK IN 1978......: Once upon a time I witnessed a rocket launch. Not the model of husband's favourite  Sat urn   V   rocket that he's yet to build, ...


Once upon a time I witnessed a rocket launch. Not the model of husband's favourite Saturn V rocket that he's yet to build, launched from our back garden or a local grassy patch. Noo - this was the real deal. 

     Way back in May 1978, a bunch of travellers/tourists of whom I was one were leaving Cape Canaveral, Florida, by Greyhound bus. I was doing a round trip of the States, and this particular tour took in the NASA Space Center. As the centre retreated away from us, someone yelled: 
     'Jees, Louis!' Or something on those lines. 'A rocket's going up!' 
     A small yellow flame in the far distance was soaring towards the clouds. We passengers were gob-smacked. As we watched the flame climbing towards the clouds and vanish into them, it occurred to me that my camera was stuffed in the baggage holder in the bowels of the bus - *curses!*. After a series of very rude words sullied my cherry red-lips, I philosophically committed that scene to memory (I can see it now, in my head). It's engraved on the pink blancmange in my skull and shall forever remain because it's not that often that an awesome spectacle such as this happens in one's lifetime. I feel so privileged!

     Husband is jealous. It's not often that this happens either. He's jealous that I witnessed that event and he didn't. I often quote it just to see him mumble. Just kidding, I'm not that cruel. Anyway, it wasn't until a few days ago that I watched a fascinating documentary about the Space Shuttle. It occurred to me that with the help of Mr.Google, I could research what I'd witnessed all those years ago. 
     So I Googled: "May 1978 rocket launch cape Canaveral".  At first I assumed that the rocket might have been doing a 'local' flight, but discussing it with Husband, and searching revealed facts. Rockets don't come along in threes, like buses, so a rocket in May 1978 isn't difficult to track down.

     Apparently,on May 20th, 1978, at 1.00pm, the Pioneer Venus Orbiter, part of The Pioneer Programme, the one I witnessed, was launched. The Pioneer Program was a series of United States unmanned space missions designed for planetary exploration. Wow! The spacecraft orbited Venus on December 4, 1978, and observed the atmosphere and surface of Venus. Data was transmitted to earth until October 1992 when it ran out of fuel. 'The  Pioneer Venus Multiprobe deployed four small probes into the Venusian atmosphere on December 9, 1978. All four probes transmitted data throughout their descent to the surface. 
One probe survived landing and transmitted data from the surface for over an hour.'

30 Years Ago

"May 20, 1978: NASA launched the aboard an Atlas-Centaur rocket. It reached Venus' orbit on December 4 and used 12 instruments to study the planet's atmosphere. Though it was only intended to study Venus for a year, most of the orbiter's instruments were still functioning until it ran out of fuel and entered Venus' atmosphere in 1992."

May 1978 in Spaceflight  …

And here it is!

Pioneer Venus orbiter.jpg

And here's Venus!

I'm fascinated by the planets and space travel. What about you guys?

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CREATING MY ODYSSEY: HEY - WASN'T I CUTE? ��: I inherited the old box of family photograph albums and loose photographs and, in efforts to cull family items that aren't relevant to ...


I inherited the old box of family photograph albums and loose photographs and, in efforts to cull family items that aren't relevant to us or our kids, we've been going through the process of 'eliminating' the stuff we don't want or need. Quite a tricky business. But I just had to keep these! I'm the little blondie with rosie cheeks!

This is my favourite. On the River Thames - 
before I got into the habit of rowing. 

I love these pics, I hope you do too! They do prove that my childhood was pretty good. 😊

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                                    Gran Canaria, Canary Islands

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Saturday, 18 May 2019


CREATING MY ODYSSEY: MY STUPENDOUSLY BONKERS RENAISSANCE SOUL (BUCKET) ...: I have a humungous renaissance soul (bucket) list - all the things I want to do, all the things I've done, all the things I'm intere...


I have a humungous renaissance soul (bucket) list - all the things I want to do, all the things I've done, all the things I'm interested in, and the progress made on each where applicable, in no particular order. I'm hoping there's an afterlife so's I can carry on with them!

1.    Finish my epic western novel Alias Jeannie Delaney. Husband's helping me to edit it. Slowly but        surely.

2.    Experiment in art more.  
Collage created using 
magazine clippings

3.    Create 3D art.                              
Acrylic painted twigs on board

4.    Enter art/writing competitions. (Who am I kidding?!)

2.    Finish my anthology, Musings of a Butterfly Brain. That's a hard one cuz I was never satisfied            with the anecdotes. Improving on them.

3.    Be an archer. I was one - I must return to it! Last time I was there, I had technical issues (lost two        screws from my bow sight, so the sighting was rubbish. The other archers, all men, very                      sympathetic but this incident has put me off. I'm going with a friend next time. (Have fixed                  my sight now). Farnham Archers. (I've been! Husband came with me). 😊

4.    Learn to snorkel. I quite enjoy swimming. I love watching scuba divers exploring shipwrecks.            Really wanted to be an marine archaeologist but don't like being that deep under water so that              solves that one!

5.    Snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef (or one of those).

6.    Visit a tropical island. Have always adored palm trees, exotic plants, birds and butterflies.
7.    Be a film/TV extra. Or background artiste, as they call them now. I'd like to be a customer in a          café, or a bus passenger, or a more adventurous one, such as running into the sea with a load of            other extras! But the hours are dodgy -  early mornings... *yawn*.
8.    Be a volunteer on an archaeological dig. Washing/drawing/archiving finds.
9.    Dive into the sea fully clothed
10.         "             "   naked (done that in the Thames already, with a gay actor friend!)
11.  Fry up (not a BBQ) on a beach.
12.  See the northern lights in colour. (Saw them in black and white in Iceland years ago).

13.  See a ghost. No - I'd scream and run a mile. I'm leaving that to son, our ghost hunter-in-                      residence, and he can tell me all about it. Alternatively I hear son's adventures as a ghost hunter or watch Ghost Adventures.

14.  Visit Japan.
15.    "     Australia.
16.  Visit India. Husband's dad was in the Indian Army during World War II, and he was                      stationed in Kashmir. We would love to go there.
17.  Rebuild Kitty's Cabin. My garden cabin was built many years ago. It needs a rebuild and I'd love        it to look more authentically western.

18.  Keep up my wild west sites: Facebook Kitty Le Roy's Wild West Saloon and
       Kitty Le Roy's Wild West website. Learn more about my favourite western fascinations.

19.  Take more trips in our traditional Canadian canoe.

20,     "                      "            narrowboat, Dotterell, moored in Warwickshire.

21.  Learn more history of photography. The earliest photograph (Parisian rooftops) was taken in the          1826 by Nicéphore Niepce.

      The earliest film (people walking around a garden) was made in 1888 by Louis Le Prince in               his Leeds back garden, with his family. Apparently there was an even earlier one, filmed in 1887         - .Man Walking Around the Corner

22.  Take more interest in medical advances.
23.  Learn more about space research, the star system and space travel.

24.  Research the paranormal.
The figure on the left (wearing an Elizabethan ruff) 
wasn't there when the pic was taken.

25.  Research family history.
My great granny

26.  Develop our creative garden.

27.  Explore science. Husband has taught me a lot of physics, which is fascinating!
28.  Improve my blog, CREATING  MY  ODYSSEY 
29.  Grow our new STEAMPUNK VISION 
30.  Organise my antique curio collection better.

31.  Listen to a mix of contemporary and classical music more.

They say it's a good thing to list up the experiences you HAVE done. I think that's a great idea!

I took two Greyhound bus trips around the States. One month in Spring 1978, then two months the following year cuz I loved it so much! I met Husband on my return the second time.

I once stood on a glacier. (Grossglockner).

I learned to fly straight and level, and yaw, (turning right or left) in a single engine aircraft while I was still at school.

I took the controls of a friend's single engine plane and flew around the Isle of Wight. I will never forget that!

We - Husband and I - visited both extremes of climate - Iceland (we swam in the Blue Lagoon) and Malaysia.

Visited: Belgium, France, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Sweden, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Slovenia, The Czech Republic, Hungary, Malaysia, Canada, Iceland, America, Mexico, Morocco.

Grape treaded (to make wine) on the sunroof of my Victorian terrace bedsit in Surrey with my quirky and loveable Italian landlord, Tony.

Walked a levada in Madeira (an irrigation canal)

and a village high up in the Madiera mountains. 

Surreal, both of them.

I can swim and dive quite well.
Learned to ice skate quite well.
Parascended twice.
Took a balloon trip.
Had a gliding experience.

Haven't done too badly, have I?! 😄 How about you guys? Do you have bucket lists ? 

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